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School Year Classes

Pre-School & Elementary Program 

Tiny Tots (ages 2-3) 

Tiny Movers (3-4 yrs)

Pre-Ballet  I (5-7 yrs)

Pre-Ballet II (8-9 yrs)

Pre-Ballet III (9-10yrs)

Baby Jazz(3-4 yrs)

Pre-Jazz 1 (5-7 yrs)

Pre-Jazz 2 (ages 8-9 yrs)

Pre-Hip Hop 1 (ages 5-7)

Pre-Hip Hop 2 (ages 8-9)

Tiny Tumbling (ages 3-4)

Tumbling/Stretching (5-7 yrs)

Hip Hop

Exposes students to hip hop that is often seen in music videos and commercials.


Youth Hip Hop 1A/1B

Youth Hip Hop 2A/2B**

Teen/Adult Hip Hop 1

Teen/Adult Hip Hop 2/3**

Hip Hop Grooves

Contemporary Dance

We expose students to modern and contemporary dance techniques greatly known for developing strong dancers.


Horton Technique I

Horton Technique II/III **

Graham Technique 1 & 2**

Intro to Taylor & Limon Techniques **

Youth Contemporary Jazz 1A/1B

Youth Contemporary Jazz 2A/2B**

Youth Lyrical/Contemporary**

Teen/Adult Contemporary Jazz 1

Teen/Adult Contemporary Jazz 2/3**

Teen/Adult Lyrical/Contemporary**

**Based on evaluation and approval of Instructor or Director.**

Other Electives

Supplemental courses are offered to students, to help them maintain and develop physical condition, endurance flexibility, and strength.

Teen/Adult Strengthen & Lengthen

Youth/Teen Tumbling 

Youth Turns & Leaps

Teen/Adult Turns & Leaps

Classical Ballet

We teach Vaganova method and follow Bolshoi Ballet Curriculum. 

Youth Ballet I

Youth Ballet 2A** & 2B**

Teen Ballet 1 & 2**

Intensive Grades I-VI**

Beginner Pointe/Pilates**

Int/Adv Pointe/Pilates**

**Based on evaluation and approval of director.**

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